A fresh new idea

The world is in a process of change, especially in retail. Taste patterns and brand appetencies are evolving in accelerating pace. Identifying trends and forecasting palates is our business.

We construe the right strategy for retail concepts. We shape your retail space for the future and prepare you optimally for the times to come. We help creating identity, footfall and relevance. We compose the mosaic in all aspects.

Shop design, assortment, brand identification, style – we are of assistance with every detail. The ever-changing consumer is our most welcome challenge. Let us steer you through the process of metamorphosis. With style and diligence. In every aspect of your retail business and for every industry.

Global Expertise

We are working with a global network of interior designers, retail architects, brand consultants, freight forwarders, advertisers, retail psychologists and F&B specialists. We take care of desiging and redesigning shops and F&B outlets. Of developing assortment and portfolio direction. Of identifying brands. Of creating corporate identities. Of communicating with clients. Of compiling marketing strategies. Of assembling social media campaigns.

What can we do for you ?

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